Monday, January 20, 2014

Makmal Mudah Alih Chromebook

What is a ChromeLab?

A ChromeLab is a mobile learning lab that gives teachers and students an online teaching and learning experience in schools. By using the ChromeLab, teaching and learning becomes much more interesting via use of the latest technology which comprises of the Yes Chromebook and 4G internet.

Unlike computer labs in the past, which were usually in a fixed location, the ChromeLab is portable. Based on a portable trolley design, the entire lab can be transferred between classrooms making it a much more flexible solution.

With the ChromeLab, teachers can teach creatively while the students are able to utilise the latest technology into their learning. They can also access vast global educational resources using their 1BestariNet Yes ID, through the Frog VLE, Google Apps for Education etc.

In line with the Ministry of Education and YTL’s vision to transform learning in Malaysia, schools across the country are being equipped with ChromeLab under the 1BestariNet program.

What is in the ChromeLab?

Each ChromeLab consists of a Chromebook Cart, 41 Chromebooks, Yes Super Zoom, Access Point, Cache Server and a Cloud Printer. The lab also comes with a portable box.

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